WinMend Folder Hidden For Windows Free Download

WinMend Folder Hidden For Windows Free Download. WinMend Folder Hidden is a rapid and also user friendly totally free tool to help you keep your most sensitive information safe and private. It can concealing any kind of data as well as folder on any kind of disk dividers as well as easily removable gadget, without affecteding a solitary byte of your useful information. For evident security factors, you will be required to type in a password to carry out any type of hiding and also unhiding job.
WinMend Folder Hidden For Windows Free Download
WinMend Folder Hidden 

WinMend Folder Hidden For Windows Free Download Secret features:

The concealing innovation will never ruin any documents data. It is risk-free and dependable.
High-Speed Hiding and also Unhiding: Whether it's a data of loads of GB, or a folder consisting of a lot of data, the file or the folder can be concealed and unhidden promptly.

Removable Drives Are Sustained: Data and also folders on removable drives such as USB drives hidden by WinMend Folder Hidden are unseen not only in the computer where the hiding was completed, but in any computer.

WinMend Folder Hidden is a complimentary file/folder concealing tool. While guaranteeing the outright system safety and security, this application could promptly hide files and also folders on regional partitions and/or on detachable tools. The concealed files/folders will certainly be securely concealed whether the drive is accessed in an additional operating system on the exact same computer system or reinstalled on another computer. You can establish a password for this application. Hidden data can be presented and also unhidden just when the user enters the legitimate password.

The information is completely undetectable to various other programs or on other operating systems. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that this application is for residence use only. It's not advised for business setups where much more strict confidentiality is required. Supports Language: English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Greek, Oriental, Itanlian, Slovak, Vietnames.

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