Speccy Download Free For Windows

Speccy Download Free For Windows 

Speccy Download Free For Windows

Speccy Download Free For Windows  Speccy is the location to begin in case you really need to know what’s inside your Pc. See a fast summary, or dive deeper into each aspect of the PCs hardware so you can make informed upgrade and buying choices. Speccy offers you detailed facts on just about every piece of hardware in your pc. Save time trawling by means of your computer for stats like CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards and much more. See anything laid out for you personally in 1 clean interface.

Speccy allows you to save your scan results straight as a snapshot, XML or text file for uncomplicated sharing. Handy for creating sure your new laptop has the ideal specs, or if tech help should diagnose a problem along with your computer system. Speccy Download Free For Windows  With Speccy you are able to now receive hugely detailed statistics about your computer system that cover not only the basics like processor and RAM memory, but additionally tough drive, graphics card, motherboard, optical drives, operating method and more. You are able to see the information around the program's nicely made interface and also save a snapshot of it for later reference.

You may believe this data is only valid for pc geeks, network administrators as well as other kinds of tech-savvy customers, but actually it can be beneficial for everybody. Speccy lets you check your RAM configuration before obtaining additional modules, or build a list of options in case you want to sell your computer, to provide a few examples. The basic information displayed by Speccy may also be discovered in some distinct regions around the Windows method, but Speccy tends to make it a lot easier for you by gathering every little thing beneath a single interface and also supplying far more specifics.

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Speccy Download Free For Windows  Review, Speccy is still in beta development and lacks some added characteristics we can discover on other related tools: ability to export to several formats, efficiency tests, list of installed computer software, etc. But being a plan in the similar developers of CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, we can only expect it to enhance, peccy can be a very simple program analyzer that displays detailed information regarding the configuration and technical capabilities of the laptop or computer.

Current changesAdded Computer system kind (Desktop, Laptop) to Operating Method section.Updated CPU detection for most recent Intel Core i7 models.Improved compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards.Added external drive data to Peripherals.Enhanced detection of Sharing and Discovery for printers.Enhanced exception handling.Added language help for Kurdish.Minor tweaks and fixes.

Speccy is an advanced Method Data tool for your Pc. At first glance, Speccy may seem like an application for technique administrators and energy customers. It surely is, but Speccy may also assist regular users, in each day computing life. 

Speccy will provide you with detailed statistics on each and every piece of hardware in your laptop or computer. Such as CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Difficult Disks, Optical Drives, Audio support. In addition Speccy adds the temperatures of your various components, so you can very easily see if there is a problem.

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  • Free Speccy Download Free For Windows XP / Vista / 7 : Download
  • Free Speccy Download Free For Windows  10 / 8 / 8.1 : Download

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