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Oxford Dictionary of English Review:

Oxford Dictionary of English is a standalone educational, reference, and office productivity tool that can enable Windows OS users to very easily check a word or phrase definitions of one of the most successful, comprehensive, and useful dictionary packages found on today’s market. Offered in a streamlined application that offers intuitive UI and numerous services for easy word discovery, this dictionary app can help anyone to get a better grasp of the English language. With its database of over 350 thousand of words and phrases being developed over decades in both physical and digital form, this app is today considered as one of the foremost authorities on current English usage. Simply put, if this app recommends a particular usage of some words or provides a precise definition of its meaning, you can count on it and safely utilize those words and phrases in your home projects, school tasks, work projects, and online communication. Oxford Dictionary of English application is offered in a streamlined package that can be easily downloaded and tested for free via its Microsoft Store. Simply go on its official store page, click on a “Free Trial” button, and in mere seconds you will get access to this versatile app that focuses almost completely on its powerful search tool and a large listing area where each selected word or phrase is described to the smallest detail. In addition to text description covering all possible usage scenarios of the chosen term, the app also offers over 75 thousand audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, with both American and British accents. The powerful search tool promotes easy discovery by showcasing both the exact matches to your search terms, and enhanced search results powered by a “fuzzy filter” that discovers similarly spelled words. This tool is especially useful if the user is not certain of the exact spelling of their desired term. Usage of special search functions powered by “*” and “?” characters can enable even better search discovery. For users who want to rely more on this app, Oxford Dictionary of English also allows marking terms and phrases into “Favorites” playlist, and the built-in History tool can help anyone to easily discover previously searched and viewed dictionary entries. The app is fast, resource-light, optimized for touch interface on laptops and tablets, and scalable for all display sizes. Oxford Dictionary of English can be tested for FREE during an initial FREE TRIAL period, after which the full version of the app must be purchased. The app is optimized and available only on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Download Oxford Dictionary of English Latest Version

Oxford Dictionary of English For Windows:

June, 3rd 2020 - 190.86 MB - Commercialware

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : Oxford Dictionary of English.exe file format.


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