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ChemSketch Review:

ChemSketch is a chemically intelligent drawing interface that allows you to draw almost any chemical structure including organics, organometallics, polymers, and Markush structures. Use it to produce professional-looking structures and diagrams for reports and publications. An awesome chemical drawing software for your desktop or laptop computer! See It In Action Draw structures, reactions, and schema (e.g., biotransformation maps) Generate IUPAC systematic names for molecules of up to 50 atoms and 3 ring structures Predict molecular properties for individual structures (molecular weight, formula weight, density, logP Search for structures in the built-in dictionary of over 170,000 systematic, trivial, and trade names Create professional reports, working with structures, text, and graphics simultaneously Import and export structure files in a variety of standard file formats Features and Highlights Click and drag between two atoms to quickly create bonds Create chemical structures from InChI and SMILES codes Draw Markush structures (generic view), structures with delocalization, and polymers Create special Markush structures with added or removed mass or fragments, to describe metabolic and mass-spectral transformations Depict reactions by drawing, importing, mapping atom-atom transformation, and editing reaction conditions Adjust the position of Hydrogens near each atom Apply powerful 3D and 2D rotation, and move/resize features Create 3D models from 2D structures with the geometry optimization button Search for chemical structures in various file formats throughout your computer's file systems. (SK2; MOL; SDF; SKC; CHM; CDX; RXN; Adobe PDF; Microsoft Office DOC, XLS, PPT; and ACD/Labs databases CUD, HUD, CFD, NDB, ND5, INT) Search Microsoft Word documents with structures created in ChemDraw or Accelrys ISIS Search using full or partial structures Choose from a wide range of special bond types including aromatic, delocalized, undefined single and double stereo, quadruple, and coordination bonds Automatically assign hydrogen atoms and charges to fill the valence Instantly display chemical formula, molecular weight, percentage composition, and estimated macroscopic properties such as molar refractivity, refractive index, molar volume, density, and parachor Look up elements on the Expanded Periodic Table of Elements which includes physical properties, NMR properties, isotope composition, and images of elements in their natural form Draw reactions and complex chemical schemes with manual or automatic mapping Calculate quantities for chemical reactions and solutions View all the suggested tautomeric forms for your structure Create professional chemistry-related reports and presentations Export your Chem Sketch files to Adobe Acrobat PDF format Cut- and-paste structures and chemical information directly into Windows applications and maintain OLE links Convert your work into HTML Create templates for generating reports from other ACD/Labs products, defined by rules or company standards Customize toolbars Customize display properties such as atom numbering, chemical symbols, and valence Send ChemSketch SK2 files or PDF documents as an e-mail attachment directly from the ACD/ChemSketch interface Work with structures, text, and graphics simultaneously Save and load object styles Note: 30 days trial version. Download ChemSketch Latest Version

ChemSketch For Windows:

August, 18th 2020 - 375.72 MB - Trial

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : ChemSketch.exe file format.


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