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STOPDecrypter Review:

STOPDecrypter is an anti-malware and ransomware removal application built from the ground up to decrypt files and folders that were affected by the widely used “STOP Ransomware” viruses that affected thousands of users online. Developed by a Michael Gillespie, this lightweight application can detect the presence of locally stored encryption key and use it to decrypt and unpack valuable personal files that were locked away by the malicious virus. Instead of paying the ransom to the anonymous nefarious coder or organization, use this app top to recover encrypted files that are hidden away in a newly created archive with a weird extension name. This extensions can be like ".puma", ".pumas", and ".pumax", or some of the other 50+ variations. Before using STOPDecrypter, users first have to make sure that the original ransomware virus has been completely eliminated from their PC because a sudden reappearance of the virus can again snatch away all precious personal or work files and demand payment for them. After the PC has been completely scanned for all presence of malicious programs by the reputable security software, only then can users move to the procedure of decrypting their locked files. STOP Decrypter app is a very simple tool, but nevertheless, it is still highly recommended to spend a minute to read its README.txt file that provides many answers to commonly asked questions.  The exact procedure of using this app can vary on the version of the STOP Ransomware virus that has affected the PC. Since so many variations of this ransomware software exist, some versions are immune to the decryption techniques of this app. For the versions that can be unlocked, users have usually tasked to input the ransom note, personal ID, and MAC address before decryption can be started. However, if the app cannot handle (possibly newer) version of the ransomware, the users can always contact the original app developer Michael Gillespie via social network and try to find the solution. According to the reports after several months on the market, this app is very successful for handling all ransomware software that creates encrypted archives with uppercase extensions such as .KEYPASS, .DATASTOP, .PAUSA, .INFOWAIT, and others. STOPDecrypter is a highly useful tool for all the victims of the aggressive new forms of ransomware software. Instead of paying extremely high prices that the creators of these malicious viruses demand (often ranging between $500 and $900 in anonymous cryptocurrency payments), affected users should always try to first attempt to recover their files using helpful apps like these. STOPDecrypter is 100% FREE and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS. Download STOPDecrypter Latest Version

STOPDecrypter For Windows:

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : STOPDecrypter.exe file format.


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