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Total PDF Converter Review:

Total PDF Converter is a FREE business and productivity tool that enables users of all knowledge levels to easily, reliably, and quickly convert their PDF documents into various other types of files. This lightweight multi-format file converter was built from the ground up to provide workflow enhancement not only for home users who from time to time need to convert their PDF into a text file or image but also students and business teams who regularly handle a large number of PDF documents and need to have them ready for accessing by many other apps and tools. Total PDF Converter supports conversion into a wide array of file formats, with the most popular ones being DOC, HXP, JPG, BMP, TXT, and HTML. Get the full desktop version that does not require an Internet connection or sharing your files online. Convert PDF files in batches, whole folders in one go. Add page numbers to your output files. Convert several PDF files into one Doc or DocX. Total PDF Converter utilizes an old-fashioned File Explorer-Esque user interface where users can easily navigate to their drivers and directories that contain PDF files. Files can then be selected using a checkmark system, and then simply converted to the target format by clicking on the row of the icons on the very top of the app. Simply pick one of the 20 supported formats, and the conversion will commence. Be aware that the conversion of very large PDF documents that feature a lot of text, diagram, and photos can sometimes take a while. The app supports automated conversion, extension printing options, filtering, assigning folders as Favorites, and ability to automatically mark/unmark all available PDF files in the directory. At all times, on the very left of the app users can see the live preview of the selected PDF, with the option to Zoom in/out, see the PDF in actual size, or minimize the preview window. The entire procedure of managing this application is simple and easy and can easily serve the needs of both home and business users, with tools for both single file and batch processing of PDF documents. As for advanced features, the app also has with full support to combine PDF files, keep or change file creation timestamps, manual or automatic rotation of pages, create large TIFF image from every page in a PDF file, set new margins to better fit your printing needs, add text or image watermarks, extract odd or even pages, and even a full command-line interface. Some of these options are reserved only for a premium version of the app. Total PDF Converter can be used for FREE, on almost all versions of Windows OS (Windows 98 and newer). Download Total PDF Converter Latest Version

Total PDF Converter For Windows:

June, 3rd 2020 - 104.72 MB - Trial

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : Total PDF Converter.exe file format.


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