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bcWebCam Review:

bcWebCam is a lightweight camera utility app that can enable Windows PC users of all knowledge levels to automate the procedure of scanning barcodes directly on their desktop or laptop PC. Since many PC users have a webcam, from time to time it can be very useful to have a functioning barcode reader app that can take advantage of the present hardware and dramatically increase the workflow of inputting barcode entries to the local database, inventory management programs or online search engines. This small bc Web Cam app manages to do its job often quite well, but it must be said that it requires a bit more premium webcams that can retain focus when the items and barcode labels are placed very close to the camera lens. After a quick and uneventful installation procedure that will ask the users only to follow a few on-screen commands and make sure that their webcam is already connected to the  PC and properly detected by the OS (with all of its drivers installed), the procedure of scanning barcodes can begin. However, to take full advantage of the bcWebCam, the app suggests that all of the operation steps are followed. Users are recommended to start the app, check the camera feed with the built-in preview window that will float on the top of all your other desktop apps, place the cursor to the desired location in other apps (browser text field, database cell, or inventory management program input area), and then bring the item or barcode sticker close to the webcam. The sharp focus is needed to accurately scan the barcode, which may prove difficult for cheaper webcams that cannot handle focusing on the very close objects. Once a proper focus is achieved, the camera app will scan the code and paste the data to your active cursor location. Once properly configured, the user can very quickly scan the barcodes with the app working in the background and constantly searching for a new barcode to automatically insert to the current cursor location. The user interface of the bcWebCam is very simple, with old-school “basic” Windows app design that was popularized with the arrival of now very old Windows XP. The app window leaves the majority of its area to the webcam feed, with a barcode listing area on the top of the app and few control buttons on the bottom (Start/Stop, Settings, and Quit). bcWebCam is 100% FREE and is optimized for work even on older versions of Windows OS (starting with Windows XP and 2003). Download bcWebCam Latest Version

bcWebCam For Windows:

July, 15th 2020 - 5.95 MB - Freeware

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : bcWebCam.exe file format.


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