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PDF Reader Review:

Free PDF Reader is a lightweight office productivity tool for opening and viewing PDF files of all types and sizes. While many people elect to simply use their web browser as a simple way for viewing PDF documents, that approach eliminates the access to a wide array of useful tools and services that can be found in this 100% FREE application. Built from the ground up to provide a fast and reliable rendering of PDF content, PDF Reader for PC can be used in home and business as the daily app for all your PDF needs. The biggest downside of using this PDF Reader app is its user interface. It is quite old and plain looking compared to many other modern app alternatives. It also lacks many of the basic tools that can be useful during PDF viewing. However, the focus on this simple interface has enabled this app to be fast and easy on resources, which is a feature that can be very appealing to users who are handling a lot of PDF files on very old computers with weak hardware components. While it does lack some of the advanced features found in other freeware solutions, the one tool that almost every home and the business user wants is here – the ability to accurately convert PDF files into Word Document “.DOC” file format. But not all is well even with this popular feature. Since PDF files can have widely complicated formatting styles, sometimes the DOC conversion may detect and compile those styles differently, which can lead to different looking final results. The app also often struggles with converting images and other visual elements, but at least it provides an option to ignore images and drawings when doing a PDF to DOC conversion. PDF Reader for Free is a serviceable application for use on very old PCs that are running now obsolete versions of Windows OS. Even if you want to try this app on modern PCs, you will have to make sure you or are running Windows 8 or older, since the apps lack the compatibility with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS and there are no indications that the original development team will put in the effort to update this app and add any other features such as the ability to convert PDFs into much newer office document format DOCX. Download PDF Reader Latest Version

PDF Reader For Windows:

June, 2nd 2020 - 6.42 MB - Freeware

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : PDF Reader.exe file format.


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