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Canon IJ Scan Utility Review:

Canon IJ Scan Utility is a useful scanner management utility that can help anyone to take full control over their Cannon scanner and automate various services it provides. Built from the ground up to take full advantage modern Canon scanners, this app provides both novices at home and seasoned users at work the ability to quickly take control over high-quality scanning. The app features easily accessible tools for optimized scanning techniques for photos (for retaining maximum visual details), documents (for sharpening text to make it more readable), papers featuring multiple elements, and even features such as stitching of data gathered from different individual papers into a single output file. Optionally, you can install a standalone dictionary file that will enable Canon IJ Scan Utility to more reliably detect and perform OCR service on text written in Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean languages. Of course, the app also promotes the use of “Auto” scanning button, which will automatically detect the type of content it has detected on the paper and help you to receive the best possible recreation of that paper in a digital file. It can also be integrated with many popular Windows programs, enabling you to activate scanning and view file preview straight from within those apps. Installation and Use The app is a small application that can be installed on your Windows OS in mere seconds. All you need to is follow on-screen guidance and the app will be moved to your local storage and be prepared for use. The app comes with a fully-featured uninstaller that will successfully remove all of its files from your local storage. After your launch Canon IJ Scan Utility for the first time, you will be welcomed with a very streamlined user interface that is perfectly optimized for both novices and seasoned users who just want quick access to paper scanning services. The app window features the main area with very large and descriptive buttons (Auto, Document, Photo, Custom, Stich, ScanGear, OCR, and Email), and several secondary data points such as the listing of detected scanners, Instructions, and Settings button. If your scanner is not detected from within this app, please make sure that you have installed correct drivers and that your scanner is properly connected to your PC. Settings of the app feature dozens of highly intricate customization options for every type of document you may use. The settings are separated into six tabs – Auto Scan, Photo Scan, Document Scan, Custom Scan, Scan and Stich and ScanGear. Features and Highlights Simplify scanning your documents on Canon printers with this intuitive app. Easy access to optimized presets for scanning text documents, photos, and other document types. Built-in OCR, with expandable support for Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean languages. Integration with popular text and photo editing applications. Optional support for Network Device Setup Utility for expanding Canon scanner access over local networks. Streamlined interface, optimized for both novices and seasoned users. Available for all modern versions of Windows OS. 100% FREE! Download Canon IJ Scan Utility Latest Version

Canon IJ Scan Utility For Windows:

August, 22nd 2019 - 22.5 MB - Freeware

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : Canon IJ Scan Utility.exe file format.


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