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WriteMapper Review:

WriteMapper is an outlining app that helps anyone with writing deadlines quickly and easily produce text documents using mind maps. Structure the outline of your writing work, be it academic research, a book, or an essay with WriteMapper. The app is available on macOS, Windows PCs, and iPad. Get from idea to final draft in no time! Each node on the mind map has a content section you can jump in to edit at any time. Besides being able to style and format your writing however you like, you can also edit the title of each sub-point from this view as well. The distraction-free writing mode helps you shift gears from the all-aspects-considered nature of the mind map outline to the focused task of detailing the contents of the individual sub-point you're zoomed in on. WriteMapper for PC uses the nested structure of a mind map to automatically create and export a text document draft for you, right in your computer's file system. You can choose from a variety of file formats, including Markdown, HTML, Microsoft Word, plain text and Rich Text Format. You can then edit the exported document in your text editing app of choice, to give that final draft the polish it needs to bring it to completion. With this supercharged content generation workflow, you'll get your writing done in no time at all! All these features wrapped into an app that will skyrocket your writing productivity! Features and Highlights Color Tags Keep things organized on your WriteMap by color-tagging nodes to group them together. Shortcut Keys Boost your writing productivity with a range of simple keyboard shortcuts. Night Mode Work in comfort, day or night, with a beautifully-designed night mode interface. Brainstorm-ready Overcome writer's block by turning your writing process into a brainstorming exercise Emoji Support Emojis are supported in Write Mapper and in exported files, so use them freely. Distraction-free Editor Edit, style and format your writing however you like with laser focus, distraction-free. Auto-Expand Lines Auto-magically expands lines of text content into new child nodes on the mind map. WriteMap File Format Manage your files however you like, without being bound by third party cloud storage. Compatible File Exports View and edit the result of your work on your writing app of choice with file exports. Visually Comprehensive Get a bird's-eye view of your writing structure from the visual nature of mind maps. Note: After the 7 days trial ends, you can only view your projects. Download WriteMapper Latest Version

WriteMapper For Windows:

March, 28th 2020 - 47.2 MB - Trial

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : WriteMapper.exe file format.


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