Deezer Desktop Free For Windows

Make your music more at home with a new Deezer Desktop version for Windows PC. Listen in lossless quality with HiFi, download your tracks to listen offline, and watch hours of video content like Sessions and interviews. 
Deezer Desktop Free For Windows

This is a beta version of the new desktop app available to Deezer Premium, Deezer Family or Deezer HiFi users. HiFi-enabled Now your music can sound better than ever. Offline mode Download your favorite tracks. 

Hours of video From live Sessions to interviews. This is a beta version of the new desktop app available to the premium version, Deezer Family or Deezer HiFi users. You'll need either Windows 7 or later or macOS 10.8 or later. 

I use Deezer for free, can I use the desktop app? The desktop app is only available to subscribers, including Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, and Deezer HiFi. You can still listen to Deezer via website I’ve downloaded the app, but I’m not able to playback using FLAC? FLAC audio quality is only available to the HiFi subscribers, follow these steps to check your subscription status. 

If you’re a Deezer HiFi subscriber you can switch to FLAC streaming mode in the audio settings. Why can’t I download music to my desktop app? "This phase of the app is currently in beta, but we’re already working on the next version that includes downloading to your app." Also Available: Download Deezer Desktop for Mac Download Deezer Desktop Latest Version

Deezer Desktop For Windows:
Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft:
filenam : Deezer Desktop.exe file format.


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