iHeartRadio Free For Windows

iHeartRadio is a popular free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform that serves as the main content delivery service for the largest radio aggregating network in the United States. With the presence of over 1000 radio stations from the US, this music and audio content streaming app represents one of the best ways you can discover new music, radio shows, and live content. 
iHeartRadio Free For Windows

With years of experience in creating, aggregating and delivering content to end-users, developers of iHeartMedia app have managed to create a product that enables anyone not only to find the music they like but also create their own custom radio stations utilizing over 20 million licensed songs from the library that covers over 800 thousand artists. 

To best serve the needs of its diverse audience, iHeartMedia app features full support for customized playlists (fully accessible not only on your home or work Windows 10 devices, but also your smartphones, tablets and even home consoles), full song reproduction control (elimination the need to listen to entire songs before starting another), innovative Song2Start feature for repeat listening of your favorite songs, access to an incredible variety of live music events, premium On-Demand service, full integration into your Facebook profile, and much more. 

It also receives regular updates and expansion of its already considerable capabilities, premieres of music artists and songs, new affiliate radio stations from all corners of the US, streamlining of its user interface, tools and services, and much more. And best thing yet, the vast majority of iHeartRadio offerings are available to you for free on any compatible device you own. 

And on your home or work PC, the best possible way to experience iHeart Radio app is with its streamlined and fast Windows 10 native application. Installation and Use iHeartRadio can be downloaded from Microsoft Store with the simple click on the “Get” button and waiting little time until a small sub-50 MB app is installed on your system. 

Like many other Windows 10 apps, this app can be installed on 10 devices where your account credentials are activated. Please be aware that iHeartRadio for PC is available only in the English language. The interface of the iHeartRadio app is very stylish and modern, with a large focus on showcasing large thumbnails for found content and easy navigation via seven main tabs and top-left situated sliding pop-up navigation pane. 

The main tabs for discovering content are: For You, My Stations, Live Radio, Custom Radio, Podcasts, Perfect For, and Genre. The easiest way to discover a particular song is via the integrated Search button, which is always showcased in the top-right corner of the app. Once you play the desired radio station, you will be transported to the media-playback interface that features one large thumbnail of the current song, social network buttons for sharing your impressions, volume controls, stop button, and link for more information about the artist. 

 Customization options are not numerous but are well received. They are separated into three areas – Browse, Sleep, and Settings. Browse options change the way the content is presented to you, while Sleep tool is very useful for creating alarms and sleep timers. Features and Highlights Official music streaming app of the largest radio distributor company in the US. Access over a thousand live radio stations from the US. Create custom radio stations, with playlists filled with artists of your choice. Access playlist from all supported iHeartRadio platforms – Windows PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and consoles. Access to library with over 20 million songs. A wide array of advanced services. Optional Premium service for users seeking full control over their music. Available for FREE for all Windows 10 users. Download iHeartRadio Latest Version

iHeartRadio For Windows:
Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft:
filenam : iHeartRadio.exe file format.


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