Tune Sweeper Free For Windows

Tune Sweeper is an easy to use Windows app which lets users clean up their iTunes library by finding and removing duplicate songs, as well as fixing songs with incorrect or missing track information. Tune Sweeper’s duplicate search feature is more sophisticated than iTunes’ in-built show duplicates feature, as duplicates can be scanned based on various criteria, such as matching track names, artist, album, track numbers as well as track duration.  
Tune Sweeper Free For Windows

Tune Sweeper displays found iTunes duplicates in groups, so they can easily be selected and removed at the click of a button. To help iTunes users further, the app can also find and delete missing tracks in iTunes. Missing tracks are shown with exclamation points next to track titles in iTunes, and these are songs for which iTunes cannot locate the file associated with that track. The app can also fix incorrect or missing track information. 

The program uses an advanced digital fingerprinting algorithm to identify tracks that have incorrect or missing metadata. Once each track has been identified from a database of over thirty-five million tracks, the obtained track information can be stored to the file and instantly updated in iTunes. If multiple potential releases are identified for a track, the software allows users to select their preferred match or even edit the metadata manually. 

The program will also identify and download the appropriate artwork for any of your tracks in iTunes that currently have none, as well as identifying tracks from Apple Music, making it easy to see which songs will vanish from iTunes if users cancel their Apple Music subscription. Features and Highlights Remove Duplicates from iTunes Quickly view all the duplicate tracks in your iTunes library. Automatically select which tracks to keep based on quality, last played or length. Remove the rest to your recycle bin at the click of a button. 

This program knows which tracks are based in the cloud and so can make an intelligent suggestion on which tracks to keep. Download Missing Artwork The app searches your iTunes library for tracks with no artwork and searches the Internet for suitable artwork. The software automatically downloads new artwork to iTunes. Remove Songs with Exclamation Points in iTunes This software can remove tracks in your iTunes library that are no longer on your hard drive. 

No more exclamation points when you try playing music! Find Tracks not in iTunes The program scans your computer to quickly search for music not in your iTunes library. Use the app to then quickly add this new music to iTunes. Fix missing or incorrect track details Use the software to identify tracks with missing details and then quickly fill in the blanks with this program. The app uses advanced digital fingerprinting technology to identify your music and download the correct track information to iTunes automatically! Quickly identify tracks from an Apple Music subscription Apple Music is a great way of discovering new music. 

The tool lists the Apple Music tracks you have added to your Music library - which will vanish if you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Optionally, purchase these tracks to keep them in your library. Learn more about your iTunes library For a bit of fun, the app will summarize your most listened to Artists and Genres in iTunes. You may be surprised what TuneSweeper can tell you about your listening habits! Note: Will not remove the duplicates from your iTunes library in demo version. Download Tune Sweeper Latest Version

Tune Sweeper For Windows:
Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft:
filenam : Tune Sweeper.exe file format.


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