Clementine Free For Windows

Clementine for Windows is a free and open-source multiplatform music player that was created with usability and speed in mind. With it, you will easily control all the aspects of your music listening, manage playlists, use internet streaming radio from Spotify,, Grooveshark,, and others, transfer music to your portable devices (Apple devices are 100% supported), control music via remote control, and much, much more. 
Clementine Free For Windows

Created from the ground up to serve both novices and professionals, this music layback and music library manager manages to satisfy the needs of everyone who is interested in the world of audio entertainment, hosted both on your local storage and online. 

The first version of this great application was released in early 2010, built completely on the Qt 4 and GStreamer frameworks that allow the creation of cross-platform projects for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix-like platforms, all of which are supported by Clementine. 

The need for creating this app arose after popular music player Amarok completely changed its visual style and supported features, which caused its community to criticize it and start looking for new audio playback software. 

This prompted open source community to the fork of that app and create their own Clementine under the leadership of the developers David Sansome, John Maguire Pawel Bara, and Arnaud Brenner. Very quickly they managed to create an app that mixes the best features from the Amarok v1.4 and new features that expanded its usability. Also Available: Download Clementine for Mac Download Clementine Latest Version

Clementine For Windows:
Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft:
filenam : Clementine.exe file format.


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