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Google Ads Editor Review:

Google Ads Editor (formerly known as Google AdWords Editor) is a free Google software for managing your AdWords campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords. It features work offline, then upload your changes any time, make bulk changes, copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns, and circulate proposed changes and get feedback from other users. Audience targeting (including the ability to exclude audiences) is now available in Smart Display campaigns. Bumper video campaigns are now simply video campaigns that have a Manual cost-per-thousand impressions (Manual CPM) bid strategy. If you like, you can change your bidding strategy to Target cost-per-thousand impressions (Target CPM), which will allow you to add in-stream ads to these campaigns. The Maximize conversions bidding strategy is now available for display campaigns and Smart Display campaigns. The Maximize conversions bid strategy for TrueView for action campaigns is now supported in the Ads Editor. When reviewing your responsive search ads in Google Ads Editor, you’ll now see an “Ad strength” column, which assigns each of your ads a quality rating. Hover over an ad’s rating to get suggestions for how to improve the quality of that ad. Note: this feature is currently only available in English. Multiple account support Select and open multiple accounts in a single window, and make edits across them. Streamlined editing Make changes faster with a fresh new look that reduces visual clutter and creates a space for calm productivity. Full support for non-skippable video ads It now supports non-skippable in-stream video campaigns, ad groups, and ads. This version of Google AdsEditor includes 5 new custom rules. The new rules can alert you if: There are no responsive search ads in a Search Network campaign’s ad group (when that ad group already contains at least one enabled expanded text ad) A video campaign (that isn’t a TrueView for action campaign) isn’t targeting Google video partners A video discovery ad group is targeting a keyword or topic A TrueView campaign is only targeting YouTube search but only has TrueView in-stream video ads A video campaign has a start and end date, but is using an average daily budget Features and Highlights Use bulk editing tools to quickly make multiple changes. Export and import files to share proposals or make changes to an account. View statistics for all campaigns or a subset of campaigns. Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns. Keep working even when you're offline. Note: Requires Google account. Also Available: Download Google Ads Editor for Mac Download Google Ads Editor Latest Version

Google Ads Editor For Windows:

April, 9th 2020 - 1.1 MB - Freeware

Support: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10l 32bit and 64 bit Microsoft-windows:
filename : Google Ads Editor.exe file format.


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